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What's the difference between metal heat transfer and heat transfer?

Update:18 Aug 2020

Today I will explain to you that heat transfer is also a heat transfer.

There are two types of heat transfer, heat transfer and sublimation.

Heat transfer is the use of ordinary ink or pigment ink to print the pattern on the special transfer paper. The heat transfer machine is heated at a certain time and temperature to form a layer of glue. When heated, it melts together with the printed pattern and sticks to the clothes. Heat transfer is generally used to transfer pure cotton fabrics.

Dye sublimation is to use special thermal transfer ink to print on the dye sublimation paper. Ordinary color inkjet paper can also be used by the thermal transfer machine to heat the ink on the paper to the transfer material at a certain time and temperature because it is only the ink transfer to the object So it doesn't feel like a touch.

Dye sublimation can transfer and chemical fiber fabrics with low cotton content. It can also be transferred to coated glass ceramic metal and other objects with high temperature resistance above 200 degrees.

The difference between heat transfer printing and sublimation: the temperature and time of hot stamping are different, the fabrics are different, the hand feeling after hot stamping is different, the color is different, and the washing fastness is different.