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What should I pay attention to when processing metal heat transfer?

Update:08 Sep 2020

Processing precautions for metal thermal transfer

As long as the pressure and temperature of the heat transfer machine are adjusted to specific values, the graphics and text on the film can be transferred to the substrate sheet at a time. It sounds simple, but in specific production, if you want to improve product quality and production efficiency, you must pay attention to the following points:

Personal safety
Printers should pay special attention to personal safety when operating thermal transfer machines. The machine must be grounded before use, and the power connection must follow safety rules. If you want to inspect or clean the machine, you must first unplug the power plug to avoid being electrified.

Removal of stagnant water
The printer should remove the water in the air filter valve before going to work. The advantage of this is to avoid water damage to the solenoid valve. If the solenoid valve is exposed to water, it will easily cause leakage and reduce the life of the cylinder.

Machine switch inspection
The emergency stop switch and the foot switch should be tested before the thermal transfer processing. Checking these two switches before printing can effectively improve the production efficiency and improve the safety factor. The emergency stop switch is an emergency during the operation. As long as you press it lightly, you can quickly stop the machine to avoid danger; and the foot switch is the key to heat transfer processing. Will complete the hot stamping work.

Power off
When the temperature switch is turned on, do not turn off the power in a hurry. First observe whether the rubber roller is still rotating. If the rubber roller does not rotate, you can unplug the power plug. In the thermal transfer process, the operator should avoid contact with the hot head parts. If the rubber roller needs to be replaced, the main input power must be turned off and the rubber roller must be completely cooled down, otherwise it is easy to burn.