What products can be printed on a screen printer?

Update:23 Jun 2020

The screen printing machine is not new to many people in the industry. The screen printing machine is a machine that prints text and images, and is a general term for machines or equipment used to produce printed matter. Screen printing machines are widely used in our lives.

To the high comments of many users, what products can be printed by the screen printing machine?

1. Paper printing

Fine art printing-advertising, graphic magazines, calendars, lantern paper, etc. Trademark printing, transfer printing, packaging printing, building materials printing-wallpaper paste, etc.

Second, plastic printing

Plastic film-vinyl toys, school bags, plastic bags, etc. Plastic dial-fake metal composite materials and various dials; production parts-instrument parts.

3. Printing of wood products

Crafts-lacquerware, wooden crafts, toys. Processing semi-manufactured products-sporting goods, wooden boards, ceilings, road signs, signboards, fake metal plates, billboards, etc.

4. Printing of metal products

Metal cylinders, metal utensils, metal products.

5. Printing of glass and ceramic products

Glass-mirrors, glass plates, cups, bottles, etc. Ceramics-utensils, crafts.

Sixth, sign printing

Text explanation boards, dials, shaped articles.

Seven, circuit board printing

Printed circuit boards, civil or industrial substrates, thick film integrated circuit boards, and cold light films.

8. Printing and dyeing products

Printing and dyeing-flags, cloths, towels, handkerchiefs, shirts, vests, knitwear, etc. Other printing-pockets, shoes, bib, and various bags, backpacks, handbags, school bags, etc.