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What matters should be paid attention to in heat transfer processing?

Update:23 Mar 2021


Each process technology requires a lot of attention in the actual development process. Now the heat transfer processing technology has a good reputation in the entire market, and it is often used in some printing industries or clothing industries. in use. When choosing to use this technology, you must look at some specific precautions. If you don't understand it in time, it may still bring a lot of unnecessary trouble, or the transfer effect is not good.

Note 1: The temperature of the machine must be concerned. We all know that a certain temperature is required in the actual heat transfer process. If the temperature is not appropriate, the overall transfer technology is poor or the transfer effect is poor. Very good, and the machine's boot speed is very fast. If you don't make improvements in time, it will cause a lot of waste and loss.

Note 2: When performing thermal transfer processing technology, you still need to see whether the cleanliness of the machine is very good, because if it is not clean, it will cause a lot of trouble. Even more waste and loss are caused. We still hope to learn more about the process technology during the production process. As long as the technology is in place, it will be very easy to process when it is really easy. This is also a point of attention that many people will pay attention to. .

From the above two aspects, we should really look at how the processing is good. The heat transfer processing itself uses machines. If the machine cannot be used reasonably, it may cause some unnecessary troubles. At any time The machine should be debugged first, and transferred according to the overall pattern, etc., so that the effect is good.