What materials are needed for the maintenance of the printing machine

Update:29 Jul 2020


When the printing machinery is damaged, the manufacturer generally thinks that it is caused by normal operation wear. However, today's printing machinery is made of high-quality alloy steel and should be able to be used for a long time. After that, after the manufacturers paid huge maintenance fees and the painful lessons of delaying production, they gradually began to discover the important role played by the maintenance material team to maintain the normal operation of printing machinery. Among the many maintenance materials, lubricants and their Related chemical products are relatively neglected. Probably because of the correct selection of these materials, it will not cause immediate bad effects on the finished products produced by the manufacturer.

   Therefore, provide these maintenance materials:

   1. Teach customers to avoid misuse of maintenance materials;

   2. Its products can reduce the number of damages to printing machinery and extend the service life of printing machinery;

  3. To make customers simplify purchasing procedures, thereby streamlining management procedures and saving valuable human resources;

  4. Provide a long-term and stable supply channel through a reputable supplier network to meet the needs of customers from all over the world for quality products and services;

  5. Provide a multi-functional design product line, in addition to adapting to more printing machinery requirements, it can also reduce unnecessary excess inventory of customers;

  6. ​​Always maintain sufficient product inventory to save manufacturers' time when ordering goods and avoid downtime risks caused by casual use of general temporary substitutes.

   The maintenance materials for printing machines and related equipment include:

   Anti-rust agent-used for the anti-rust lubrication of the table surface of the paper cutter and the cutter.

  Lubricants-such as snow oil, chain tooth oil, pressure gear box oil, etc.

   cleaning agent-such as after cleaning agent, ink roller cleaning agent, oil pipe and oil line cleaning agent, etc.