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What kind of product printing is mainly used for leather heat transfer

Update:22 Dec 2020


The heat transfer printing method is also one of the textile printing methods. Its thermal transfer technology is a new printing process, which has the advantages of water washing resistance, light resistance, no fading, no deformation, etc., especially high printing efficiency. So which products are thermal transfer printing mainly used for printing? Knowing the relevant product information facilitates the purchase of suitable and dedicated printing equipment.

The advantages of transfer printing are rich colors, washing resistance, temperature resistance and strong color fastness. Based on the understanding of its printing advantages, a suitable printing method is selected according to the actual printing requirements. Therefore, the products used in thermal transfer printing include clothing products, various household textiles, etc., among which household textiles include curtains, bags, umbrellas, sofas, etc., which are also common and commonly used products, so pay attention to their good quality and exquisite patterns , Is also derived from suitable printing methods.

To understand the advantages of thermal transfer printing technology, it is actually important to choose a better thermal transfer printing equipment. It is undeniable that a good printing method still requires better printing equipment. The work stability and technical maturity determine the quality effect of printing. Otherwise, ordinary technical equipment will still be difficult to achieve better printing results. And quality, this is also the matter that needs to be paid attention to, and the details that cannot be ignored, the correct choice of plan.

It can be seen to understand which products are mainly used for thermal transfer printing, and which brand of thermal transfer printer is still better? Products for various brands came into being, all satisfying the requirements and needs of the industry, used for professional and trusted brands, and customized products by professional manufacturers, with good printing quality as a prerequisite.