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What is the injection molding technology of IML

Update:25 May 2019

The injection molding skill of IML is to put the silk-printed and hot-pressed PET film into the injection mold. After the injection process of ABS material, the PET film can be pressure-molded with the ABS material in the cavity of the injection molding mold. The pressure-preserving and cooling form an outstanding ABS shell shape, and the screen-printed PET film is evenly covered in the mold to cover the outer surface of the ABS component shell, so as to realize the IMD in-mold molding skill product in the true sense.

The difficulties and points of this skill are roughly the following:

The gate orientation of the mold and the correctness of the mold;

ABS material activity direction and pressure temperature demand, pressure holding time setting;

Modular temperature control;

Precise positioning and operation of the PET film in the film;

The need for ABS pellet transport to purify the environment;

The operation method of the operator and the process before and after the mold;

Clean process control (refer to yourself, PET film and injection molds, etc.).