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What is the IML system

Update:28 Jun 2019

The plastic molding machine, referred to as the press or press, is the main equipment for thermosetting plastic molding, and is a machine that applies pressure to the lamination. The earliest used presses were hand-type, and have been eliminated due to their high labor intensity and high noise.

 At present, presses are mainly motorized and hydraulic. The motorized press is made up of a motor as a prime mover, and the movable beam and the like are moved up and down by a gear screw device to perform pressing and opening and closing. The motorized presses are gradually eliminated due to their complexity in manufacturing, maintenance and operation, and are not suitable for pressing large parts. Compared with other presses, the hydraulic press has the advantages of pressure and speed in a wide range of stepless adjustment, flexible movement, simple structure, small working vibration and low noise. Therefore, the plastic press forming equipment currently used is basically a hydraulically driven press machine - a hydraulic press.