What Could Custom Plastic Injection Mold Service offer?

Update:13 Jul 2019


Mass Production injection Molds

Mould could offer the complete molding solution as long as the customer offers a product or a 3D industrial design.

First, we will do the pre-molding analysis before mold making, to analyze the structure of the product and the feasibility of ejector. By that, Design the best mold structure under the premise of ensuring the function and appearance. And avoid the waste of working hours in the later period by the mold flow analysis.

After the mold drawings are confirmed, we will select the most suitable steel for processing. Every process is subject to strict quality control to ensure the dimension of each mold parts.

Finally, it would take the long-term mold testing of various pressures on the finished mold to ensure efficient and stable production. And after sending samples, collect the feedback from customers, discuss product improvements with customers and provide the basis for mass production of molds. To make the final mold excellent.

Family injection Molds

Some products are similar in shape, but the structure in the middle will be different. This is left and right parts as what we often say. The gate selection and runner balance of the left and right parts are very important. And the type of plastic and MFI will also affect the molding of the entire product. We will do a precise simulation test of these products. At the same time, we can also design the runner switch according to the customer's needs, to achieve the same mold, injection molding of different materials for different parts.