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What are the quality factors of plastic heat transfer processing?

Update:07 Apr 2021

What are the quality factors of plastic heat transfer processing?

There are many factors that affect the quality of a product. If we want to improve the quality of the product, we must control these factors so as to ensure the quality of the product. The plastic heat transfer process is to transfer the heat transfer film to A service process on the surface of the substrate. In this process, there are several issues that need to be paid attention to, otherwise it will also affect the quality of the heat transfer product.

A. Hot stamping pressure:

The hot stamping pressure must be adjusted to the most appropriate level, otherwise it will damage the plastic head and the hot object if it is too large, and it will affect the hot stamping effect if it is too small. After adjusting to the best hot stamping pressure, the pressure adjustment should be locked to avoid changes in mass production.

B. Hot stamping speed:

The hot stamping time (speed) should be determined according to the specific hot stamping material. In the case of ensuring the hot stamping effect, the faster the speed, the higher the production efficiency, but some products must be hot stamped at a slow speed due to certain special conditions.

C. Keep the machine clean:

Keep the important parts of the machine clean, free of oil and dust, keep the heat transfer film clean, free of fingerprints and dust, keep the printed products clean, free of dust, oil, and keep the processor’s hands clean, free of oil and sweat .

D. Hot stamping temperature:

The hot stamping temperature has a significant impact on the quality of thermal transfer products. If the hot stamping temperature is too high, it may damage the substrate. If the hot stamping temperature is too low, the normal transfer may not be achieved. The ironing temperature should be determined by the elements of the substrate, flower film, and heat transfer machine. Different materials have different ironing temperatures.