What are the elements to know when using a screen printer?

Update:08 Jul 2020

Everyone should not be unfamiliar with screen printing machines! Screen printing machines have also played a great role in our lives and have been widely used in our industrial production. The screen printing machine should determine the screen printing process according to the material to ensure the quality of the product printed by the screen printing machine. The quality of screen printing products has a certain relationship with screen printing machines, but it has a greater relationship with materials and screen printing processes. So what do you need to know to use a screen printer?

1. The thickness of the ink layer and the coverage rate when printing with the screen printer

If the ink thickness of the product printed by the screen printing machine is good and the coverage rate is good, the thick mesh and the mesh with large holes should be selected (that is, HD grade)

2. Preservation conditions of screen printing materials

When printing on a screen printer or printing materials should be kept at room temperature and dry, avoid direct sunlight or strong light, and lay flat on a smooth surface.

3. Performance requirements of screen printing ink

Before printing on the screen printer, the screen of the appropriate ink should be selected according to the performance of the ink.

Fourth, the silk screen printing machine should choose the silk screen material according to the surface condition of the substrate before printing

Curved or undulating surfaces should use nylon mesh with good elasticity, and screens with large amount of ink should be selected for highly absorbent surfaces; high tension wire mesh should be used for smooth surfaces; low mesh wire mesh should be used for rough surfaces; insulating surfaces should be used Use anti-static wire mesh, etc.

5. The screen printing machine has a good resolution of the screen printing image before printing