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What are the classifications of metal heat transfer processing equipment?

Update:18 Feb 2021

What are the classifications of metal heat transfer processing equipment?

The heat transfer process is applied to the surface of various ABS, PP, plastic, wood, coated metals and other products. The heat transfer film can be designed and produced according to customer requirements, and the pattern can be transferred to the surface of the workpiece by hot pressing to improve the product quality. What are the classifications of thermal transfer processing equipment?

1. Transfer products

The classification of Dongguan thermal transfer processing equipment can be based on different products: roasting cap machine, roasting pan machine, roasting cup machine, flatbed machine (as for the curved surface transfer machine and the universal transfer machine, there is no substantial difference, in fact It's the oven.

2. Control method

Dongguan thermal transfer processing equipment can be classified according to time and temperature control methods: analog control, semi-digital control, and dual digital control.

3. Tablet

In the classification of Dongguan heat transfer processing equipment, the flatbed machine has a wide range of uses and a wide range of applications. It is not only used for personal transfer, but also widely used in clothing factories, gift factories, and heat transfer industries. Therefore, flatbed machines are manufactured in addition to A variety of structures meet different needs. It is further divided into: ordinary direct pressure flatbed machine, high pressure direct pressure flatbed machine, ordinary shaking head machine (because the pressure is not as high as high pressure machine, the cost is high, it is not practical and rare), Korean shaking head machine (using bias bearing, transfer Time pressure can be very high).

4. All in one

Dongguan heat transfer processing equipment classification is also an all-in-one transfer equipment, the common ones are 3 in 1 (plate, baking cup, baking tray), 4 in 1 (plate, baking cup, baking tray, baking cap), and then Multiple devices in one, such as 9-in-1 or even 12-in-1, are often flashy. For example, adding a baking coaster of different diameters, or even adding a set of upper pressing badges, and some add an ultraviolet lamp to cure the crystal.