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What are the characteristics of metal heat transfer equipment processing?

Update:16 Mar 2021

In fact, different processing technologies have different functions and values ​​in the market. When we understand the processing of heat transfer equipment, we still need to look at the specific characteristics? If you can have a detailed understanding of these, you will be more at ease when you actually choose a product or industry. It is itself thermal transfer technology on some surface layers, and the scope of the industry involved is also relatively wide.

Feature one, judging from the exquisiteness of the pictures, whether it is an ordinary hot stamping machine or a thermal transfer machine, it can be completed normally, because these pictures themselves are the effects you want to see. And if we can all know these characteristics of heat transfer processing, we can naturally understand better in specific industries. Now the whole technology has a high reputation and popularity in the market, and it is indeed a normal choice. To understanding.

Feature two, from the perspective of our technology for the entire application, now the entire thermal transfer ink does not require coloring, and the patterns can also be molded at one time. Therefore, products that do not require color registration will have better actual effects. In addition, the operation is relatively simple now. Basically, the entire production cost is very low. Therefore, at this point, we can understand it normally, or take a detailed look at the value of the product.

Feature three, companies that use thermal transfer processing know that the product itself has very little loss and relatively high added value. Therefore, the whole process is relatively decorative, and there are many people in the green printing method. The key points will be selected, and now it will not cause any environmental pollution, so it can be selected normally.