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The difference between printer and printer

Update:05 Jul 2019


The printer is a kind of equipment that is controlled by software and uses non-contact method to mark on the product. According to the difference of the working principle of the printer, the jet machine can be divided into continuous jet printer and drop-on-demand. There are three major categories of inkjet printers and laser printers.

A printing press is a machine that prints text and images. Modern printing presses generally consist of plates, ink, embossing, and paper feeding.

The difference between the two:

(1) The writing of the printer is very clear and the pattern is sprayed. The digits and characters have very high endurance; the writing of the printing machine is blurred and the characters or patterns on the screen will become difficult to see after being exposed to water.

(2) The printing process can be unmanned, very technical; the printing machine will not work, and must be manually operated.

(3) The application is very extensive. It is basically in the production line of all walks of life. It can print characters and patterns on the surface of various objects, but the printing machine will not work.

(4) The printer can adjust the size, style and color of the font through the program inside, and the printer can only copy.

(5) The printer also has a certain anti-counterfeiting mark. If the ink inside is replaced with invisible ink, the anti-counterfeiting mark is very perfect.