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The characteristic principle of metal thermal transfer film

Update:22 Sep 2020

Thermal transfer flower film plays a very important role in the thermal transfer industry, and it is indispensable! It refers to the graphics and text with adhesive, which can be separated from the carrier film together with the protective layer under the combined action of heat and pressure. The special function printing film that firmly transfers and adheres to the surface of the substrate. So, let's analyze this product in an all-round way!

In fact, the use of thermal transfer film must have good release and thermal adhesion and beautiful graphics. In the thermal transfer process, the graphics and text must be very good, and the carrier film can be very hot. Stick to the surface of the product. One loose and one tight are the characteristics of a perfect heat transfer film, and it is also the key to technology. The beautiful patterns, especially the pictures and texts obtained by gravure printing, can well reflect the delicate pictures and texts, making the packaging decoration effect more perfect.

This special-function printing film transfers the graphics and text to the surface of the substrate through the heat and pressure of the thermal transfer machine, which greatly improves the quality of the transferred product and increases the added value of the product. , It is more widely used in hot stamping on the surface of plastic products with different solid shapes that require multi-color gradation printing effect which is difficult to print directly.

A small pen holder with a diameter of less than one centimeter and a length of only more than ten centimeters should be printed with bright colors and rich graphic layers. The best printing method is, of course, thermal transfer; how to use a triangular shaped plastic cup Pictures and texts are printed on the surface of the circumference, and only heat transfer and hot stamping are used. Therefore, thermal transfer printing is the best decoration method for surface printing of plastic products of various shapes.