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Related introduction of flower film technology printing method

Update:05 Jan 2021


Metal thermal transfer, flower film process printing method

Thermal transfer is an emerging printing process, which has only been introduced from abroad for more than 10 years. This process printing method is divided into two parts of transfer film printing and transfer processing. The transfer film printing adopts halftone printing (resolution up to 300dpi), and the pattern is printed on the surface of the film in advance. The printed pattern has rich layers, bright colors, and ever-changing. The color difference is small, the reproducibility is good, and it can meet the requirements of the designer, and is suitable for mass production; transfer processing: transfer the exquisite pattern on the transfer film to the product through a heat transfer machine (heat and pressure) On the surface, the ink layer and the product surface melt into one body after molding, which is vivid and beautiful, which greatly improves the grade of the product. However, due to the high technical content of this process, many materials need to be imported.

The heat transfer process is extremely decorative and can greatly increase the added value of the product. It is applied to the printing of flat and curved surfaces of various plastic, wood, ceramic, metal, glass and other products. It is widely used in cosmetics, toys, electrical appliances, building materials, gifts, food packaging, stationery and other industries.

1. Green printing, in line with international non-toxic standards.
2. The four-color printing pattern is formed at one time without color registration.
3. The transfer equipment is simple and the pattern effect is realistic.
4. The production loss is small, the cost is low, and the product added value is high.
5. Bright colors, never fade, strong adhesion, and durable.

The business opportunities of clothing stores, gift stores, and digital imaging stores are easily integrated. One store has multiple functions, including wedding photography, photo studios, typing and copy shops, clothing stores, color expansion shops, fabric shops, gift shops, Advertising studios and other functions, and provide services that are not available in other stores, and can also provide a variety of value-added services. Any image can be transferred to clothing, scarves, backpacks, gloves, handbags, umbrellas, socks, shoes, sheets, curtains, pillows, mouse pads, puzzles, accessories, tiles, cups, plates, metal plates, metal plates, glass, Porcelain plates, T-shirts, marbles, keychains, wood boards and other materials can be customized into personalized crafts, souvenirs, and advertising materials.

Technical Support

1. The electro-engraving plate of printing flower film is mainly used for images and texts with transitional colors and rich layers. It can reproduce the effects of characters, landscapes and high-end images and texts. The printing images and texts are clear, accurate, and have strong adhesion. In large quantities, high-demand plastic products, cultural and educational supplies, daily chemical packaging, etc. The hot stamping temperature of thermal transfer film is between 120 degrees Celsius and 240 degrees Celsius. It can be applied to the coating surface of ABS, AS, PS, PVC, PMMA, PP, PE and other plastic products, metal, wood, etc.

2. The hot stamping temperature of thermal transfer flower film is between 120 degrees Celsius and 240 degrees Celsius. It can be applied to the coating surface of ABS, AS, PS, PVC, PMMA, PP, PE and other plastic products, metal, wood, etc.

3. Matters needing attention in heat transfer printing process:
Hot stamping is a special printing process. Its working principle is very simple. The pictures and texts on the flower film are transferred to the product by heating and pressing. However, in specific production practices, it is necessary to improve the quality of the product and increase the production. For efficiency, the following points should be noted:

1. Keep it clean:
A. Keep the workbench, guide rollers, buttons and other parts of the machine clean and free from oil and other dirt;
B. Keep the flower film clean and not contaminated with oil, fingerprints, dust, etc.;
C. Keep the rubber head clean, and there should be no dirt or burnt sticks on it;
D. The operator’s hands must be kept clean, and no sweat or oil stains on the flower film or hot products;
E. Keep the scalded object clean and free of dust, oil, etc.;

2. Hot stamping temperature: The hot stamping temperature is different depending on the hot stamping equipment, hot stamping film, and hot stamping objects. Do not blindly pursue the higher or (the lower, the better) the hot stamping temperature. The effect after the hot stamping should be Benchmark to determine the hot stamping temperature.

3. Hot stamping pressure: The stamping pressure must be adjusted to the most appropriate level, otherwise it will damage the plastic head and the object to be burned if it is too large, and it will affect the stamping effect if it is too small. After adjusting to the best hot stamping pressure, the pressure adjustment should be locked to avoid changes in mass production.

4. Hot stamping time (speed): The stamping time (speed) should be determined according to the specific hot stamping material. The faster the speed is, the higher the production efficiency will be under the condition of ensuring the hot stamping effect. However, some products are affected by some special conditions. Only slow hot stamping must be used.