Quick Troubleshooting Requires More Understanding of Blow Molding Machines

Update:01 Nov 2019


To see more, to understand the characteristics and functions of various blow molding machine electronic circuit systems and PLC programmable controllers; To understand the alarm and troubleshooting methods of the electronic circuit system of the blow molding machines; To understand the meaning of the parameter setting of the blow molding machine;To understand the PLC programming language; To understand the method of hollow blow molding machine action programming; To understand the operation of the blow molding equipment control panel and the contents of each menu.

The rest can be tourized and read through, but each part of the content should have a clear understanding and mastery. Due to the complexity of the internal wiring diagram of the semi-automatic blow molding machine controller, the manufacturer does not provide it. Therefore, it is not necessary to make it clear in detail. It is important to understand the role of each part, the function of each board, the direction of the interface, the meaning of the LED lights, etc. Nowadays, the blow molding machine controller has many models and fast updates. Different manufacturers and different models often have great differences. To understand their commonality and personality.