Operation Process of Blow Molding Machines

Update:07 Nov 2019


The brands of domestic blow molding machines are emerging one after another. According to preliminary statistics, there are currently nearly one hundred manufacturers of blow molding machines in China. The operating interfaces of blow molding machines manufactured by different manufacturers have different levels of differences. To facilitate the deep understanding of blow molding machines by industry personnel, Here is a brief introduction to the operation of the blowing molding machine:

1. Without professional training personnel, can not operate the blowing molding machine.

2. Ensure that the machine ground zero before the boot, to avoid leakage of electricity caused by unsafe accidents.

3. Blow molding machine before heating, should examine each part of the cooling water carefully whether connected.

4. The fully automatic blow molding machine before the operation, will rise to a suitable position, to ensure that the head and the template do not collide, to avoid damage to the equipment.