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Metal thermal transfer: how to solve the problem of thermal transfer film

Update:30 Mar 2021


Metal heat transfer: heat transfer flower film is a very popular printing industry now, many times we will choose to use printing when processing and production. Better guarantee products. There are many types of printing industry now, including heat transfer film, PVC blister transfer film, wood plastic transfer film and so on. The utility of each is also different. This time, let's talk about how to solve the following problems in the thermal transfer film.

Problem 1: Incomplete pattern transfer
the reason:
1. The transfer glue is not evenly applied
2. The rubber roller of the transfer machine has uneven hardness or scars
3. Lower transfer temperature
1. Check if the mesh of the applicator is blocked
2. Replace rubber roller
3. Increase the temperature

Problem 2: The transparency of the base film after applying the release glue decreases
the reason:
1. Excessive amount of glue
2. Rough film surface
1. Reduce the amount of glue
2. Improve the temperature gradient of the drying tunnel

Problem 3: The transfer film has peculiar smell
the reason:
1. The solvent in the glue is not sufficiently volatilized
2. There are more solvent residues in the ink
1. Adjust the drying tunnel temperature and production speed
2. Adjust the printing machine oven temperature and production speed

Problem 4: The adhesion of the transferred graphics and text is low
Reason: the compatibility between the transfer glue and the transferred object is not good
Countermeasure: re-select transfer glue

Question five:
The transferred graphic has poor chemical resistance
Reason: The release glue used has poor corrosion resistance
Countermeasures: modify the release glue or re-select the release glue