INS Injection Molding Process

Update:05 Aug 2019


The full name of INS is Insert-Mould-Decoration (embedded membrane type injection molding decoration), a special type of plastic injection molding, put the thermoforming-film into the mould for further injection molding to a complete part.

The INS process is a new process derived from IML process. Because of the increasingly high requirements for ecological environment protection in various countries, INS technology has been widely used in modern advanced manufacturing industries, such as automobile interior decoration, household appliances decoration, intelligent digital shell, and gradually replaced the spraying, electroplating and other surface treatment processes with environmental pollution.

The plastic parts made by INS process have abundant surface expressiveness. They can be bright, matt, metal, wood, leather,2D plane and 3D. There are thousands of types of INS film at present. For new product ID surface selection, there is a big space to choose the method of appearance expression. Because the surface of INS process can achieve metal texture, but does not shield signals, and because the requirement of 5G for signals is much greater than that of 4G, INS has become an indispensable technology for the new generation of intelligent hardware in order to make 5G intelligent digital have metal texture and good signal transmission function.