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IML technology can realize injection molding

Update:10 Jun 2019
The development prospect of IML process
  At present, IML in-mold decorative inlay molding technology is widely used in communications, home appliances, electronics, automobiles, instruments, instruments, medical devices, toys, cosmetics and other industries, is a brand-new plastic decoration technology. It can change in three dimensions, increase the freedom of designers, and design various personalized products to meet the needs of the development of the times. Shenzhen Hengweichuan Technology has 11 years of IMD/IML industry experience, with a total factory area of ​​15,000 square meters and more than 6,000. The 10,000-class clean room of Pingmi; the daily output is 100,000 sets, which can meet the needs of three Fortune 500 companies at the same time.

 IML technology can realize injection molding, decoration integration, one-time completion, and can make various special effects, such as: button blister, metal mirror or matte surface, metal wire drawing, back light transmission, bump pattern, etc. Etc., very decorative and functional.
IML technology is the best new technology to replace plastic painting and electroplating. It can reduce the subsequent processing steps of injection molding, promote and popularize in the plastics industry, and truly realize the significance of energy saving and environmental protection, which will bring huge economy to society and enterprises. Benefits and environmental benefits.

 IML is a technique in which a printed decorative sheet is placed in an injection mold, and then the gum is injected on the back side of the formed sheet to bond the resin and the sheet together to form a solidification molding. IML is a technology for insert decoration at the same time of injection molding. The product is integrated with the decorative substrate, and the three-dimensional molded products can be decorated and printed to make the product both decorative and functional. effect.