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How to store heat transfer film for metal heat transfer?

Update:04 Aug 2020

How to keep the stored thermal transfer film? Let's take a look. For example, the thermal transfer film is relatively difficult to store. If it is not stored properly, the thermal transfer film will be wasted and cannot be used, or the hot-printed pattern will be unsatisfactory. The thermal transfer film has relatively high requirements for the storage environment, and temperature and humidity will have a large impact on the thermal transfer film.

If the heat transfer film cannot be placed near the heat source, it is generally better to have a temperature of 2 to 5 degrees. Keep it away from a place with heat and fire sources, otherwise it cannot be used, and the pattern will be deviated and the desired decorative effect will not be achieved. . Secondly, the thermal transfer film should not be damp. If it is damp, a chemical reaction and gas will be generated during the heating of the thermal transfer film, and the effect will be bubbles. Not only that, pay attention when handling the thermal transfer film.

For example, the thermal transfer film should be handled gently, not horizontally, but it must be placed vertically or upright. When storing the thermal transfer film, find a well-ventilated, dry and cool place. Pay attention to the humidity and temperature changes in the temperature where the thermal transfer film is stored.

Master the preservation methods and precautions of the heat transfer film, and you will get a good hot stamping effect when the heat transfer film is hot stamped. Because it is not very good storage, it is better to buy it now, because if it is Fortunately in winter, the temperature must be high in summer, and the heat transfer film is directly scrapped.