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How to prevent label machine ribbon breakage

Update:17 May 2019

First, what causes the label machine ribbon to break? How to avoid breaking?

1, the casing material will also cause broken belts - there are a variety of PVC casing materials sold in the market, customers blindly to buy it is prone to such problems, the casing will stick during the printing process The label ribbon is pulled out of the knife edge and cut by the half cutter.

2, the label ribbon is broken in the label ribbon box - detachable label ribbon cartridge to see if the copper strip is pressed to cause the broken strap, adjust the copper sheet pressing strength to solve.

3. Adjust the printer density--Because the concentration is too high, the print head is printed with high heat, so that the print head directly burns the label ribbon.

Second, the labeling machine ribbon seal is relatively strict, the shell is sticky, not easy to open.

1. You can take a small blade to open.

2. Straighten the label ribbon, and then use a transparent tape to stick to the ends of the label ribbon, then turn the stuck place, preferably two more turns.

3. Then fasten the cover and stick a small piece of tape on the outside. It is more secure. Rotate the shaft according to the direction of the arrow on the label ribbon box and turn it over the bonding port to continue using it.
Third, the general PUYT label printer:

1. Both ends of the label ribbon interface are outside the label ribbon.

The ribbon of the labeling machine is broken. It can be glued with double-sided tape or transparent glue. Manually rotate the label ribbon according to the specified direction of the label ribbon box. The shaft can be used until the shaft is turned over.

2. One end of the label ribbon interface is outside the label ribbon cassette.