How to debug the roll-to-roll screen printing machine?

Update:03 Jun 2020


Today, roll-to-roll screen printers are the most common in the industry and the latest type of printing equipment in the modern printing industry. Maybe you don't know about roll-to-roll screen printing machine. When we operate the roll-to-roll screen printing machine, we should carry out debugging work, so as to ensure the quality of screen printing products. The accuracy of the adjustment directly affects the printing position accuracy of the substrate. , Then how do you think the roll-to-roll screen printing machine is debugged?

1. Squeegee adjustment

1. The adjustment of the brush pressure should be coordinated with the adjustment of the printing plate and the printing table distance. In screen printing, the adjustment of printing pressure is actually the adjustment of the height of the squeegee.

2. The adjustment of the parallelism of the ink board to the platform can be adjusted by the screw rods on the left and right respectively. The left and right of the middle rotating shaft with the top screw can adjust the left and right top screw.

3. The adjustment amount of the plate inclination angle is generally within the range of 65-85 degrees, which can be selected according to the needs.

4. The length of the board can not be adjusted, generally supplied as a kit, each set has several different lengths to choose from.