How to choose the right automatic screen printing machine

Update:02 Jul 2020

At present, most screen printing machines in the market can be divided into automatic, semi-automatic, and assembly line production modes. So how do companies choose a screen printing machine that is affordable and can meet daily production needs?

First of all, according to the daily production volume of the enterprise and the total number of monthly orders, if the quantity is very large and the order is very stable, it can be produced using a fully automatic machine. Because the production efficiency of the automatic screen printing machine is much higher than the semi-automatic output, so in the order In very stable situations, it is highly desirable to use fully automatic.

If the output is not very stable, and you want to use a machine to produce, then semi-automatic and second-hand equipment is the best choice, because semi-automatic machines are very affordable and can meet daily production, so both the price and the practicality of the machine are very cost-effective .