Good Home Appliance Mould Tips

Update:27 Jul 2019


1. Suitable Mould Steel For Plastic Material

There would be different plastic material for home appliance, even for the same product; there would be much optional material. So there would be suitable mould steel for them, which would be offered by experienced mould design and tooling teams, to keep in outstanding mould quality.

2. Precision Mould Tooling

As the home appliances are used in our daily life with our family, thus, the safety of the home appliance is important factor, which requires high precision mould tooling! And it is the key process for guaranteeing the precision of plastic finishing of the Home appliance moulds and no issue for assembly. Otherwise, it would take more cost for molders for further processing to make good smooth, or harm someone accidently.

3. Well Polishing For Mould Cavity

Usually the hand polishing is better than other ways for polishing the mould cavity for home appliance mould.

And there are other nice molding technologies for achieving small warping and deformation of products, good surface quality, and easy to form a product with a large difference in wall thickness, such as the gas-assisted injection molding technology.