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Do you know the characteristics of metal heat transfer processing products?

Update:24 Nov 2020


The thermal transfer processing product transfers the thermal transfer flower film pattern to the surface of the workpiece by preheating and pressing. Using thermal transfer film printing, the color pattern can be made into a picture at a time without color registration. Simple equipment can also print realistic patterns, and the colors are bright, shiny and the pictures are vivid. The decorative value of the heat transfer process can greatly increase the added value of the product.

1. Product features of thermal transfer processing:

①The color pattern is formed at one time without color registration.
②Simple equipment and exquisite printing work.
③Strong adhesion, high temperature and wear resistance.
④The color is bright and lustrous without fading.
⑤Comply with green printing standards, no environmental pollution

2. Scope of application:

ABS, PS, PVC, AS, PC, PU, ​​PMMA, PET, PP, PE and other plastic surfaces, as well as metal, glass, wood and other materials coated surfaces.

3. The superiority of thermal transfer technology:

High precision of pattern printing-The pattern is made of a large-scale gravure printing machine with more than eight colors, and the PET film is used as the substrate, and the fine copper plate is used to achieve high-precision graphic printing.

Thermal transfer processing products have the characteristics of strong color perception, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, UV resistance, rain and sun resistance, not afraid of water immersion, knife cutting, and air purification. The image is clear, the color is bright, and the color does not fade. It is a commemorative and collection. For example, you can print photos of yourself or your loved one on ordinary cups, flowers, mice, keychains and other materials that other people can’t think of, and give yourself or your love an unexpected gift. It will surprise people. It will quickly spread to college students, white-collar workers, and families. , Popular among fashionable people!