Classification of printing machines

Update:03 Apr 2020

1.Classification by printing paper

(1) Sheet-fed printing machine

Sheet-fed printing press: sheet-fed printing press Printer using sheet-fed printing press.

Printing press

(2) Web printing machine

Web printing machine: roll-fed printing press Printing machine using web paper.

2. Classification by printing method

(1) Flat press printing machine

Flat press machine: platen press plate support and press body are flat presses

(2) Circular flat printing machine
Round flat printing machine (platform printing machine): flat-bed cylinder press plate support is flat, and the pressing body is a cylindrical printing machine.

(3) Stop the rotary printing machine
Stop-rotating printing press: stop-cylinder press plate reciprocating movement, when advancing, the impression cylinder rotates once, and when returning, the impression cylinder stops rotating and completes a printing process.

(4) One rotary printing machine
One-turn printing press: single-revolution printing press The printing platen moves once every reciprocating motion, and the impression cylinder makes one revolution to complete a printing process.

(5) Two-rotation printing machine
Two-rotation printing machine: two-revolution printing press The printing plate press is reciprocated once to complete a printing process

(6) Reciprocating printing machine
Reciprocating printing press: reversible printing press The printing cylinder is a reciprocating rotation of the impression cylinder to complete a printing process.

(7) Round press printing machine
Rotary printing press: rotary printing press The printing plate support and transfer body are cylindrical, and a printing machine that rotates completely when the printing process is completed.